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Best Tac 50 Loadout XDefiant


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First things first, the Tac-50 is like the big boss of sniping. When you wield this bad boy, you become a true force to be reckoned with. It’s all about insane power and surgical precision.

You zero in on your target, line up that shot, and BAM! The round smacks into your enemy like a meteor. Seeing them crumble under the force is the kind of gaming satisfaction that gives us goosebumps.

But it’s not just about the raw power, my friend. The Tac-50 is the ultimate anti-material weapon.

In many games, it can punch through heavy armor or even take out vehicles with a well-placed shot. Imagine the thrill of turning a tank into a twisted hunk of metal with a single pull of the trigger. It’s like having a portable wrecking ball at your fingertips.

And the psychological impact? Oh, it’s legendary. Just the knowledge that a Tac-50-wielding sniper is lurking out there is enough to send chills down your enemy’s spine.

They’ll be crawling on the ground, afraid to make a move, knowing that one wrong step could be their last. It’s all about dominating the battlefield both physically and mentally.

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Tac 50 Stats

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  • Damage: 
  • Rate of Fire: 
  • Recoil: 

Best Tac 50 Loadout XDefiant

Loadout 1 – Snipers Delight

This loadout is optimized for quickscoping and staying mobile. The Sniper Scope also makes it a good long to medium range. The best Tac 50 loadout in XDefiant is:


  • Muzzle Booster
  • Extended Mag
  • Sniper Scope
  • Lightweight Barrel
  • Quick Draw

Class Setup

  • Secondary: D50
  • Device: Frag

Recommended Faction

This loadout with the Tac-50 Sniper rifle equipped with the Muzzle Booster, Extended Mag, Sniper Scope, Lightweight Barrel, and Quick Draw attachments aligns perfectly with the Phantoms’ playstyle. Let’s discuss how their abilities suit this loadout:

  1. Aegis (Ultra): Aegis provides you with a spherical plasma shield combined with an electro-scattergun for close-quarters combat. This ability allows you to protect yourself when engaging enemies at close range, providing an additional layer of defense while quickscoping and staying mobile.
  2. Hardened (Passive Trait): Hardened increases your health as a result of tailored gene therapies. This trait enhances your survivability and durability, allowing you to withstand incoming damage while maintaining your mobility on the battlefield.
  3. Mag Barrier (Ability): Mag Barrier deploys an electromagnetic barrier that blocks incoming enemy fire and grenades. This ability further enhances your defensive capabilities, providing temporary cover when you’re in the midst of quickscoping or repositioning.
  4. Blitz Shield (Ability): Blitz Shield equips you with a tactical shield. Pressing the Melee button enables a shield bash. This ability allows you to quickly switch to a defensive stance, blocking incoming attacks and providing opportunities for counter-attacks while maintaining your mobility.

The Phantoms’ abilities are geared towards close-quarters combat and controlling the battlefield, which complements your loadout’s focus on quickscoping and mobility. The Aegis, Mag Barrier, and Blitz Shield abilities provide you with defensive options while you stay mobile, ensuring you can adapt to different situations and engage enemies at various ranges.

Loadout 2 – Speed is Crucial

This Tac-50 loadout is great for players that are good at playing in the pocket and staying close to objectives. The CQBSS scope is great for quick and accurate shots.


  • Muzzle Booster
  • Quick Draw
  • Lightweight Barrel
  • CQBSS 8x Scope
  • Quick Mag

Class Setup

  • Secondary: 93R
  • Device: Flash

Recommended Faction

We would recommend the Libertad faction. Libertad consists of freedom fighters who value strength in numbers and seek to free their Caribbean nation of Yara.

Let’s discuss how the Libertad faction’s abilities suit this loadout and playstyle:

  1. Médico Supremo (Ultra): While the specific Ultra ability of the Libertad faction was not mentioned, their expertise as expert medics is well-suited for playing close to objectives. Their healing capabilities can help sustain you and your teammates as you engage enemies in the vicinity of objectives.
  2. Espíritu de Libertad (Passive Trait): The contagious spirit of freedom slowly heals you and nearby allies. This passive trait enhances your survivability while staying close to objectives, allowing you to endure sustained engagements and provide support to your team.
  3. El Remedio (Ability): El Remedio allows you to launch a revitalizing gas canister that heals friendlies until destroyed or canceled. This ability can be valuable when playing close to objectives, as it provides area healing and support for your teammates, ensuring their longevity during intense battles.
  4. BioVida Boost (Ability): BioVida Boost provides a fortifying wave that boosts total health and regeneration for you and nearby allies. This ability can give you and your team an edge when contesting objectives, providing enhanced survivability and sustained engagement capabilities.

The Libertad faction’s focus on strength in numbers, healing, and sustaining combat aligns well with your loadout’s purpose of playing in the pocket and staying close to objectives.

Their healing abilities and passive trait will support your survivability, while El Remedio and BioVida Boost provide valuable area healing and enhanced health regeneration for both you and your teammates.

Loadout 3 – Variable Zoom

This Variable Zoom loadout is best suited for long and medium-range gunfights. The Reinforced Stock adds excellent stability to the accuracy of the sniper rifle.


  • Muzzle Booster
  • Lightweight Barrel
  • Variable Zoom
  • Quick Draw
  • Reinforced Stock

Class Setup

  • Secondary: M9
  • Device: Proximity Mine

Recommended Faction

Based on this loadout with the Tac-50 Sniper rifle, optimized for long and medium-range gunfights, we would recommend the DedSec faction. DedSec consists of cyber attackers who specialize in disrupting and dismantling systems of control, both technological and otherwise.

Let’s discuss how the DedSec faction’s abilities suit your loadout and playstyle:

  1. Lockout (Ultra): Lockout disables the enemies’ HUD, minimap, and abilities in the affected area. This ultra ability is highly advantageous in long and medium-range gunfights, as it disrupts enemy situational awareness, making it easier for you to land precise shots without being detected.
  2. Fabricator (Passive Trait): After a device is deployed, the Fabricator prints a new one. The specific passive trait of DedSec was not mentioned, but their focus on hacking and technology suggests the Fabricator trait could be related to device replenishment or enhanced gadget functionality. This trait can provide additional tactical options or equipment to support your long and medium-range engagements.
  3. Spiderbot (Ability): Spiderbot allows you to deploy a robotic spider that targets and stuns the nearest foe via face hug. This ability provides you with a versatile tool for disrupting enemy movements, creating opportunities for accurate shots with your Tac-50 Sniper rifle.
  4. Hijack (Ability): Hijack enables you to hack enemy-deployed abilities and make them your own. This ability offers adaptability in various situations, allowing you to utilize enemy gadgets or abilities to your advantage during long and medium-range gunfights.

The DedSec faction’s focus on hacking and disrupting systems aligns well with your loadout’s purpose of excelling in long and medium-range engagements. Their abilities, such as Lockout and Spiderbot, provide you with the means to disrupt enemy awareness and control the battlefield, enhancing your effectiveness as a sniper.

Tac 50 Best Attachments

The best attachments for the Tac 50 in XDefiant are:

  • Muzzle Booster
  • Quick Draw
  • Lightweight Barrel

The Tac 50 is a great quickscoping sniper. To be honest, it’s the only way to use the sniper as XDefiant forces you to stay mobile. With this in mind, any attachments that speed up the handling and fire power of the weapon are recommended.

Tac-50 IRL

The Tac-50 Sniper rifle is a modern marvel that burst onto the scene in the late 1980s. It’s like a precision instrument, engineered for long-range domination.

This baby is all about delivering massive firepower with surgical precision.

With its powerful .50 BMG rounds, the Tac-50 hits like a freight train. It’s like a thunderous roar echoing across the battlefield, obliterating anything unlucky enough to be in its path.

This rifle is for the bold, the ones who want to make a statement with each shot.

The Tac-50 is all about extreme range engagements. It’s a weapon for the sharpshooters who love to play the long game.

Its bolt-action mechanism ensures smooth operation, while its advanced optics give you crystal-clear vision of your targets.

This rifle’s sleek and modern design has made it a favorite among gamers. When you wield the Tac-50 in games like Sniper Ghost Warrior or Battlefield, you become the ultimate long-range predator, picking off enemies with ruthless precision.